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Terms and Conditions for ONLINE SALE Designer Horse Sales, LLC

  • Bidding & Payment: Any protentional buyer must be registered prior to bidding on horse(s), tack and/or equipment. Designer Horse Sales, LLC has the right to accept or decline any request for a bidder participation on Designer Horse Sales, LLC Online Auctions. 
  • Forms of payments that are accepted:
  • US Bank Wire Transfer
  • US Cashiers Check or US Money Order (must be mailed overnight with a tracking number sent to Designer Horse Sales, LLC within 24 hours of auction closing).
  • Credit Cards a convenience fee of 4% will be charged for all credit card purchases.
  • NO Horse(s) will be removed from Sellers possession  until the buyers payment has been cleared. 
  • Horse Registration or Equipment Title will NOT be released until the buyers payment has cleared.
  • Removal of horses, tack, or equipment: All sold horses, tack and/or equipment must be removed from the sellers property in a timely fashion and this is agreed on between the buyer and seller. Once the horse is sold, the sold horse on the sellers property is the responsibility of the buyer.  Transportation is at the buyers expense.  Designer Horse Sales, LLC requires our sellers to keep horses free of charge for up to 7 days if needed for purchasers to arrange transportation. After 7 days, it is up to the buyers and sellers to come up with their own agreement. Ownership and responsibly of the animal will completely belong to the buyer at the close of that animals auction.
  • Limitation of Liability:  Designer horse Sales, LLC and its affiliates are acting as agents only and are not responsible for buyer/seller miscommunication, misrepresentation or misinterpretation.  Designer Horse Sales, LLC is simply providing a online service for buyers and sellers to come together.  Designer Horse Sales LLC is a neutral agent and not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any horse, person or property before, during or after the sale. In the event of any legal dispute between a buyer and owner, Designer Horse Sales, LLC will occupy the position of agent for a disclosed principal and stakeholder and will be discharged from all obligation upon delivery of any property and/or funds held, to a court having jurisdiction of such dispute  EACH HORSE OFFERED IN THIS SALE IS SOLD “AS IS” AND WITH ALL DEFECTS. In such an event that any matter would need to be seen by a court of law, this matter will be resolved in Isanti county Minnesota
  • Veterinary examination: Buyers have the option to have a veterinary examination performed on any horse prior to the close of the sale.  Buyers CAN NOT have a  pre-purchase examination done on the horse after the purchase of the horse.  All horses are sold “AS IS” with all existing conditions and defects.  Buyers are encouraged to pre-inspect and examine any horse prior to bidding or purchasing the horse.  Any guarantees announced written or verbally on the behalf of the owner and are strictly between the owner and the buyer.
  • Test Ride: prospective buyers have the opportunity to talk to the seller and potentially  test ride,  and examine any horse in person before bidding. This MUST be done BEFORE the online sale ends, NOT after the auction ends.
  • Any information regarding horses offered on Designer horse sales, LLC: All information regarding the horses offered for sale is the sole responsibility of the sellers. Designer horse sales is not responsible for misprints, typos or key board mistakes. All information is deemed to be accurate but in the event that any mistakes were made, Designer horse sales,LLC is not held liable for such mistakes. All information regarding the rideability and disposition characteristics of the horses is nothing more than the seller’s opinion.
  • Any bidding problems or conflicts: If a problem or conflict arises in any bidding situation, Designer horse sales, LLC will be the sole and final decision maker on the resolution. If a technological problem arises  we may have to confer with our program host and support team  before decisions are made to resolve the problem.  Designer Horse Sales, LLC will make the final decision.
  • “Reserve not met” You will see that on some of the horses. Sellers have the right to put a reserve amount on their horse. The reserve price will not be posted however it will say right next to the price that the reserve is not met yet. Once the reserve price is met, that will go away.